AM Logistic AB

My name is Mattias Abrahamsson and my company is called AM Logistic AB. The company carries out transportation with a focus on the Benelux and northern France to Norway and Sweden. Since 2015 we also carry out domestic transportation mainly in northern Skania, Gothenburg and Bohuslän.

Our fleet currently consists of four cars and trailers as well as six trailers, most of which are mega trailers.

There are many talented players in the market within the transportationsector, but my experience is that globalization has resulted in loosing the closeness to the customer. AM Logistic AB constantly takes new market shares due to the company’s way of working against the market.
With my 25 years of experience within the transportation industry and the skills and education that I have, we can bring new experiences to our customers. Over the years we have built up a valuable network of contacts in the world of transportation, that we are now using to create opportunities for our clients to increase their market share against competitors’.