AM Logistic AB was founded in 2006 by Mattias Abrahamsson who alone owns the entire company. We have grown over the years and currently we have 10 transportation units in service and 8 employees on the books. The company is based in the municipality of Klippan in the south of Sweden.


We offer all types of transportation but with the majority focused on road transportation. Our sphere of Benelux and France to Norway and Sweden, as well as domestic transportation with a focus mainly on Northern Skania, Gothenburg and Bohuslän.

We promote an environmental friendly transportation option with great flexibility and supply reliability for our customers. Our organization is small with broad expertise and quick decision-making which means that we can offer effective transportation options to our customers.


I have 25 years of experience in the field of transportation; the various links in the chain, broad expertise and experience that is beneficial for you as a customer. To add to this I have a financial education degree and lace training in transportation logistics.